Namibia Desert Trek 2018

The Namib desert, located on Namibia’s western coast, is one of the oldest, driest, and most barren deserts on this planet. The Diamond Coast, this desert’s southern coast line, is the most barren portion of this ancient desert, and stretches along the Atlantic Ocean for over 320 miles. From the small town of Walvis Bay to  the still smaller village of Luderitz, the Diamond Coast is home to 1200 foot sand dunes, jagged cliffs, 100 mph sand storms, searing hot days, and frigid nights. Old sunken ships, Hyenas, jackals, snakes, and scorpions also abound in this beautiful but deadly landscape. The Namib desert was dubbed by early explorers as 'The Gates of Hell', and outside of a few indigenous tribes who have spent generations adapting themselves to these conditions, the diamond coast was not meant to support human life.

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Latitude 35’s 2018 adventure is a World Record attempt to be the first in human history to fully cross this vast desert, unassisted. The team plans to start this trek on May 21st and will attempt to cover 30 miles of this harsh and varied terrain each day. A combination of hiking running and fast marching will get these three men across over a marathon of unforgiving landscape a day, with the added challenge of carrying all their provisions for the entire journey. Food, clothing, ropes, sleeping gear, and first aid supplies will comprise a majority of the team’s equipment. They will also be carrying hand pumps in order to desalinate the sea water for drinking water.

This adventure poses many challenges, the greatest of which is having this team exposed to some of the world’s harshest conditions for two straight weeks without respite or support. The team’s training has already been underway for the last six months to include a recce and training trip in the very terrain they will be looking to concur next year. You can follow the team's trek progress starting May 21st using the the following link.
Namib Desert Trek Tracking 

Below, you will find information on the team, support staff, and camera crew responsible for successfully completing and documenting this world record attempt. 


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