To promote teamwork and leadership through the exploration of this world, and the achievement of the impossible.


Latitude 35 Racing was born from the energies of a restless young man, and continues its successes today from the selfless and tenacious men and women that tirelessly explore the globe in search of greatness.

Jason Caldwell, founded the team in 2014, looking for an endeavor that would push the limits of his physical, mental, and emotional capacity. With a background in rowing, the famous Atlantic Challenge, a 3,000 mile row across the Atlantic Ocean seemed to fit the bill.

After a brutal crossing in the 2015 Atlantic race, which resulted in the evacuation of half his team and a completed crossing that took two weeks longer than planned, Jason realized it wasn’t the physical prowess of the athletes in the boat, but the way in which they work together that is the driving force in a team’s success.

Latitude 35 Racing continues to enter races and adventures around the world that focuses on building the right teams for the mission, and training with a purpose of achieving the seemingly impossible.

Today Latitude 35 team-members have achieved a combined eight Guinness World Records, across three oceans, and four continents, and counting. When not training, these men and women can be found on all four corners of the world sharing their stories of adventure, and inspiring the next generation of world beaters.