Atlantic Challenge 2016

Latitude 35 reentered the world’s toughest race, with some old faces and some new. Jason Caldwell decided to race and captain the team once again, with Tom Magarov moving off the boat and into a team manager roll instead.

Jason went about putting a new team together, one the would be the of selflessness and tenacity. Through these parameters he recruited Angus Collins, Alex Simpson, and Matt Brown. The four of them spent the next 7 months training tirelessly for what they knew would be the toughest race of their lives. Through that training they became good friends who not only respected one another but trusted each other implicitly as well.

The Race began on December 14th. Much like the year prior, seasickness swept through the boat, affecting novice ocean Rower Matt Brown the most. With visions of last year still fresh in Jason’s mind, he watched as Matt struggled to keep rowing through the massive dehydration that the sickness brought.

But true to the teams special dynamics, Jason, Angus, and Alex took the lead while Matt recovered from his illness. Matt came back stronger than ever, and eventually the team was operating at world class speeds, working their way to the head of the fleet, eventually passing their biggest competition, Row for James, a strong, well-abled, and highly motivated British crew.

The last 10 days of the row was man against ocean as they fought hard to gain on the World Record set 11 years prior, despite the Atlantic’s best efforts to thwart them. Watch the videos below to see how the World Record was attained.


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